Next-to-the-eye Calcium Carbonate Ointment for Dry Eye


A preparation of calcium carbonate in petrolatum has been shown to provide effective, convenient, long-lasting relief for dry eye symptoms, when applied to the lower eyelid skin. This method was invented by Donald L. MacKeen, PhD and dry-eyed man. By a mechanism first reported by MacKeen, the ointment migrates over the eyelid margin and into the tear film. This provides time release delivery, for several hours, of lipid and calcium carbonate. MacKeen's method has been found effective in various studies, including a recent study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology by Dr. Kazuo Tsubota, ophthalmologist and dry-eyed man.

Because MacKeen's work has led to a number of patents, we get to read about it in glorious detail in patent filings.

Clinical studies now happening in the USA

Patient information

These studies require 4 visits over a 3 month period. For details about enrolling in a study, write to Donald MacKeen, PhD at

Clinical studies are under way now in:

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Physician information

If you have over a dozen severe dry eye patients and wish to be included as a study site, please contact Donald MacKeen, PhD at

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