Evoxac (cevimeline HCl 30mg) stimulates saliva and tears

Evoxac was approved by the US FDA in February 2000 as indicated for dry mouth. As of May 2000, clinical trials are being conducted to get it approved by US FDA as indicated for dry eye.

Evoxac (pronounced EE-vo-zak) is now available (by prescription) in U.S. pharmacies. Retail pricing in 2009 was about US$220 for 90 30-mg capsules. Price-sensitive or remotely located patients might prefer generic pilocarpine, pharmacologically equivalent to Salagen at about US$10/month and available worldwide (details on pilocarpine this way are at http://publish.dry.org/archivessl/2004/msg04792.html )

Further information

Evoxac is being marketed by Daiichi pharmaceuticals, who answer questions from patients and physicians by telephone at 1-877-324-4244 . Daiichi now has a Web site for Evoxac.

Summary information from a pharmacists' site.

Medscape continuing education for medical professionals gives excellent details on both cevimeline and pilocarpine. (When you follow this link you will need to register, free of charge, with Medscape, if you have not already done so.)

Neuroscience for Kids: The Autonomic Nervous System gives basic background on the biological systems influenced by Evoxac.

The Evoxac package insert on the USA's FDA web site contains the usual Federally mandated statement, the "fine print" details. (This document requires Adobe Acrobat reader software. You can download Adobe Acrobat here if you don't already have it).

Evoxac users are discussing Evoxac on the SS-L email list. The discussion to date can be read in the Archives of the SS-L.

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