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Most recently we have How to Diagnose and Manage Sjogren's Syndrome By Lynn M. Petruzzi, RN and Frederick B. Vivino, MD, FACR

You may be interested in the article at Sjogren's Syndrome: New approaches to treatment by Dr. Robert I Fox (Continuing education for medical professionals)

You may also be interested in the Henrik Sjogren 100th Anniversary Conference Proceedings.

If you don't have Sjogren's Syndrome yourself, the archives of the SS-L email list may be the next best thing, in terms of insight into your patients' lives. The archives are now Web-based and text-searchable, so that you can quickly find your way to messages of interest to you. To access these archives, you must first join the SS-L list. (If the resulting volume of mail is too much for you, just turn off the mail after it begins arriving).

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