News and Announcements

The Boston Scleral Lens, an option for severe, disabling dry eye.
Saliwell, a miniature in-mouth electronic saliva stimulation device, is now under development in Europe.
Swedish Sjögren's Syndrome Association publishes Henrik Sjögren 100th Anniversary Conference Proceedings, in English.

Calcium/Phosphate remineralizing solutions are available again by mail order.
Experimental new use for a humble ingredient: Petrolatum next to the eye helps with dry eye.
5-July-2000 Sjogren's on USA's ABC Television Good Morning America show (click to view)
4-May-2000 Newly available moisture drug Evoxac gets preliminary thumbs-up from many who try it.
Clinical studies of the calcium carbonate ointment that was featured in the November 1999 newsletter of the SSF.
The VII International Symposium on Sjogren's Syndrome was held in Venice , December 1-4 1999.

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